22 August 2010

Thank God It’s REDS Day!

When it comes to painting the city red, no one else can do it better.

Team COCOMALL with the REDS
Zooming away on their wheels and balloons, Red Ribbon re-launched its Red Ribbon Express Delivery Service in Cebu last July 30, a Friday. Driving around the metropolis on board their banner-clad wheels minus the drums and trumpets, the REDS team painted the Queen City of the South with fiery red.

The REDS riders.
After a few months of hiatus, REDS is reminding their loyal customers the beauty of hassle-free service by putting up banners and giving away flyers on their respective retail trade areas. On top of this, Delivery Manager, Gilbert Servande officially declared that every Friday is a REDS day. All Red Ribbon Cebu stores gets the chance to shy away from their usual uniform and wear their REDS shirt loud and proud to show their strong support for the REDS team.

To perk things up, Cebu REDS hyped up their loyal customers with a free 1.5L Coke for every Php700 worth of single receipt which runs from July 30 to September 30 and on August 16 to 23, a Red Ribbon umbrella will be given away for every Php1000 worth of purchase.

Friday is no ordinary day for the Red Ribbon family. Friday is not just the end of the work week but a start of busy hours.

Thank God it’s REDS day!

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