11 August 2010

Rally Towards Excellence

Bring in the placards, protest...err...cheer banners, confetti and competitive spirits. No, there’s no protest against the President of the Philippines, there’s only a rally towards teamwork, excellence and a rally to win back our customer’s loyalty.


The FSC Rally was held last May 17 to May 21, for five consecutive days, six stores rallied their team to the finish line. Fierce jungle creatures like the Pink Panthers (SM), Blue Jaguars (GCM), Yellow Eagles (CCML), Violet Wild Cats (FSC), ethereal Black Angels (ACC) and the mythical Green Dragons (NA) found themselves investing time, effort and yes, money, as they fought their way to the top spot.

Five days flew by as fast as you can blink your eye. Activities were piled up high, great expectations were expected from each store’s representatives, the pressure to win and to show-off was evident in the air. The week was jam-packed with teamwork-related activities and strategies—all for the sake of winning. A healthy dose of competition is just what Team Cebu needs.

To the stores who invested a lot of effort in the competition, they can definitely feel the fighting spirit of their respective crews and co-managers as they try to outwin the other stores with their gameplans. The team spirit is so high that you can hear the sizzle of tension.

The downside of the fun is the frustration during the nightly practices at unholy hours, sleep deprivation, and the temptation to commit absence. But every sweat dripped from our brows and every tears of frustration shed from our eyes is worth it. As part of the Cocomall team, I witnessed how the relationship between crews and managers morphed into something more meaningful. Something called cooperation. That night became the turning point of the Cocomall team. The crews are much more aware on the weigh of the FSC audit to the store. I’m sure that this didn’t only happen in Cocomall but to every store.

Someone once said that if everyone in the group experienced the same experience, it will bring them closer together. The amount of effort you invested in the activity reflects the amount of effort you deliver in the store operations.

Series of activities were lined up for the stores to participate with from day one to day five.

Day One: FSC Corner (SM Pink Panthers topped this corner!)
Day Two and Three: Store FSC Audit (North Atrium Green Dragons kept the fire burning.)
Day Four: Battle of the Brains-FSC Exam, Poem Making Contest and Poster Making Contest (No winners were declared in the FSC Exam but the Cocomall Yellow Eagles bagged the first place in the Poem Making Contest while SM Pink Panthers took the first place in the Poster Making Contest)

SM PINK PANTHERS won the poster making contest
Ours is the creative one but we failed in the content part.
Day Five: Culmination FSC Showdown-FSC I Lead, Battle of Standards, Cheer and Dance Competition, Awarding of Winners (Ayala Black Angels hovers in the number one spot for the Battle of Standards while Cocomall team is soaring high in the first place for the Cheer and Dance Competition and as the 2010 FSC Rally Champion)

A few congratulatory words coming from our dynamic Area Manager, Rey Cabaluna “Team Cebu, I thank you for all the best efforts you have shown during the five days FSC Rally Activities! Congrats to our new team kapamilya, North Atrium headed by Hart for capping the second place! That’s a good start indeed. I saw the passion and drive to fight for excellence from the Wild Cats, Pink Panthers, Blue Jaguars, Green Dragons, Black Angels and Yellow Eagles. It was indeed a very remarkable drive from all. FSC is for everyone not for anyone! It’s for all, not to a few! The REAL battle is in the store, convincing the customers to vote for us and our challenge to keep the energy, teamwork, faith, focus and passion in ourselves and be victorious during the FSC audit! Cebu will fight together as one and will shine this 2010!”

With astounding results from the FSC Rally, Team Cebu is confident that they will bring home the gold to the Queen City of the South.

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