22 March 2012

My 2011 BDJ Checklist

In every Belle de Jour Planner, there is always the "2011 BDJ Checklist". Looking back, out of 100 things to dare/try/do, I only checked 20 items. Boo. Sad to say, due to my constant traveling last year and always on GGB (gulo-gulong buhay) mode, I didn't put much thought to accomplishing all those stuff (it's just too plenty of them to try!). There are also stuff that are so mundane that it doesn't deserve to be part of the checklist but..well..it's here anyway).

Anyhoo, let me enumerate the things I've done so far:

1. Be an extra in a film. (During one of the Russian Travel Agency's shoot, I was asked to pose as an extra--'til now, I still can't find the copy of the video posted in YouTube.com)
2. Learn how to take a compliment. (Filipinos have the tendency to ignore a compliment. It took me a long time to get the hang of just saying "Thank you!")
3. Sleep under the stars. (I tried glamping twice in Bluewater Sumilon. Check out my article in zerothreetwo.com here.)
4. Learn how to complain effectively--and do it! (2 years ago, I solved customer problems. Now, it's "payback" time.)
5. Spend a whole day reading a great novel. (I spent an entire day reading a really good ebook.)
6. Find a job you love. (I love all my jobs.)
7. Become an early riser. (Who wouldn't be an early riser when you have a job that starts early in the morning?)
8. Be eco-conscious. (Whenever there's still room in my bag, I usually ask the cashier not to place my purchase/s in plastic bags.)
9. Go whale-watching. (During one of my trips to Sumilon Island, we saw a whale-shark--butanding--who immediately disappeared.)
10. Learn to forgive. (I always do.)
11. Have a garage sale to clean out your old, but still useful, stuff. (Yep. Some are still up for sale, check out my online store Katie's Porch on Facebook. View the link here.)
12. Win a contest. (I won 2 tickets to the Libera concert last year. Thanks to zerothreetwo.com)
13. Travel to a new destination. (Umm..let's see, I've been to Sumilon Island thrice, Sugod [Cebu] and Panglao Island)
14. Meet an author, actor or singer that you really like. (I met celebrities though, Miss J of America's Next Top Model judge, hosted KC Montero a dinner at Bluewater Maribago and met National Artist BenCab in person.)
15. Learn something new to cook. (My experiments on my own version of cheese omelet was finally successful!)
16. Try a new shade of lipstick or lip gloss. (I love Lip Ice sheer color which has a strawberry tint--which I can only find in Watsons.)
17. Treat your family out to eat--just because. (Just my folks.)
18. Start a diary, or a blog. (I've got a blogspot and tumblr.)
19. Schedule a visit to your doctor for a checkup. (Does seeing my cousin doctor on family gatherings count? Aside from him, I have yearly checkups with my dermatologist.)
20. Learn how to sew a button onto clothing. (I bought this pretty top for a gift and I have to change the whole set of buttons to new ones.)

New stuff that I did within the year 2011: Did 2 radio commercal voice-overs and became part of the "Supercat 32 Crew" during the opening of Bluewater Panglao.

I will be posting my 2012 Checklist soon--a combo of 2011, 2012 BDJ Checklist and some things that I need to try.

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