05 February 2011


NCNS or No Call, No Show. It's a very important thing to call two hours before your shift starts in a call center but it's really a bummer when you're supposed to meet-up your clients.

I'm selling online stuff since August 2008 and stopped around September 2009, then got back again full swing last November 2010. See link. I've encountered bogus buyers and joy reservers in more ways than one.

Today is one of those MIA clients thing. I went out just to meet them but they didn't show up. It's one of the disadvantages if you go into online biz. A simple no will suffice. I'm not the type who posts pictures of the said bogus buyers and joy reservers to humiliate them. That's online bullying. But sometimes, its just so tempting to post photos of the said client(s).

But I'm only 90% bummed out this afternoon. If it wasn't for my fave barista (thanks Prince!) who gave me a free sample of iced tea with passion fruit and a little bit of retail therapy, I would be having fits.

As of this writing, I'm here at a nameless coffee shop in Parkmall, cooling my head off while regretting my order of some chilled green tea and chicken pie. My taste buds did not find any comfort with these supposed-to-be comfort food. 

'Til here, ciao for now. Gotta find another comfort food. Agent Shau signing off.

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