28 October 2010

Turning Japanese

The cheapest way to get to the Land of the Rising Sun is to eat lunch at the nearest Japanese restaurant. I've never been to other Japanese restaurants but I was impressed by its simplicity on their tables and chairs--which gives off an authentic Japanese feel--and Japanese-inspired decors which includes Japanese characters written on katsa-ish cloth. 

Mama Cash asked us (the Y101 Web Team) to join her for lunch. Our mission? Feast on Japanese dishes at Ofuku-san Japanese Cuisine.

Here's some snapshots from our trip to Japan over lunch:

Chopsticks plus tuna appetizer with complimentary hot towel.

To start with, we had California Maki! Kane (crab) stick, sliver of ripe mango, cucumber, rice, fish eggs, wrapped in nori (seaweed paper)

I opted for a fried one for my tastebuds. A Katsudon bento.

And a refreshing drink of Iced tea.

Ofuku-san Japanese Cuisine is located at Gaisano Countrymall.

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