09 October 2010

España Sabrosa!

Flying from the oriental seas, we jetted to Europe and had a delicioso luncheon in Spain. Mama Cash steered the Y101 Web Team to the (best) authentic Spanish cuisine in Cebu: Hola EspañaI was in euphoria, I love Spanish cuisine!

Filipinos adapted a lot from the Spaniards. It's a good thing that we didn't adapt the long lunch hours, otherwise we'll be starving for hours. Mama Cash, a true blue Spaniard, shared that the natives usually have extended lunch hours. Lunch is usually around 2pm. And it is the biggest meal of the day, not breakfast. Spaniards love to eat their meals late, dinner usually starts around 9 or 10. But not to worry, most of the homes got a huge jamon hooked up in the kitchen to tide you over.

Allow me to share with you what we had for lunch:

To begin our delectable luncheon, we had heavenly BRUSCHETTAS (toasted bread topped with diced tomatoes, portobello mushrooms and pieces of ham) 

I love the bruschettas up to the last bite! Yum!

A variety of COLD CUTS for starters

A hot and hearty garlic-based soup for the soul

The famous PAELLA VALENCIANA. A colorful array of saffron rice, crab claws, shellfish and chicken! Yum!

The CATCH of the day: superb fillet!

SALPICADO, can be served with or without rice.

OSSO BUCCO: an Italian staple. A stewed beef dish served with risotto and a hint of blue cheese

Introducing the house specialty, BEEF CASSEROLE 

They've got wine and beer but I opted for a glass of FOUR SEASONS drink, no alcohol for me

HOLA ESPAÑA keeps a variety of cold cuts, preserves and fresh ingredients up for sale

And the famous slab of meat to get you by in time for lunch or dinner

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