10 October 2012

Wake up call

When a fierce monsoon struck the the provinces of the CALABARZON Region, namely Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Quezon and provinces of Region 3, Bulacan, Bataan and Pampanga, it led to eight days of intense rain and thunderstorms that caused rise of the water levels. It was dubbed as "Ang Hagupit ng Habagat" (The Wrath of the Monsoon).

According to the National Risk Reduction and Management Council, the intense flooding and never-ending rain submerged 80 percent of Metro Manila caused flood deaths rising up to 95 people, left families homeless and damaged houses.
Photo from www.gmanetwork.com
It was reported that heaps of garbage washed ashore from Manila Bay on the Baywalk area along Roxas Boulevard in Manila last August during the intense rainfall and thunderstorms brought by habagat.

According to one of the change quotes in FinestQuotes.com from Victor Frankl, he said, "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." Majority of the trash were plastics which triggered the government agencies and officials launched "no plastic bag day" campaign two years ago and encourage the people to use re-usable bags.

It was reported in Abs-cbnnews.com last September 30, 2010. Starting November, plastic bags in supermarkets will no longer be free on certain days. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said the campaign is part of efforts to limit the use of plastics as these cause clogged drainage systems.

Environment Secretary Ramon Paje told PhilStar.com last September 29, 2010 that incentives would be given to shoppers who will use reusable bags in supermarkets.

“The incentives, which will be provided to encourage this change in the behavior of consumers, shall be left to the discretion of the management of participating supermarkets. These could be in the form of rebates, points, actual cash incentives for every plastic bag saved or any other scheme pursuant to their own promotion scheme,” he explained.

Paje said malls and supermarkets would charge customers a fee for plastic bags during the Reusable Bag Day every Wednesday.

Though the "no plastic bag day" was imposed last 2010, it seems that it still wasn't enough. The situation must be taken seriously to avoid another mountains of garbage to be washed in our shores. Start the change in ourselves. When we go to the supermarkets, we should make sure that we bring canvass bags for our groceries and other stuff. It may appear a small effort but if we put it together with thousands of environment-conscious people, this is a big thing.

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